Taiwan Has Introduced A Scooter That Can Replace Batteries In 6 Seconds. Can It Be Promoted In The Mainland?

- Aug 26, 2019-

A Japanese-brand Yamaha and a Taiwanese electric car brand Gogoro have launched a replaceable battery electric scooter this month (Fig. 1), which was named "EC-05". Gogoro has been focusing on electric vehicle replacement services. This time Yamaha used Gogoro's core technology, based on Gogoro's two-wheeler, and adjusted the shape of the car. According to the micro lithium battery team, the electric motorcycle is currently only sold in the Taiwan market.

Electric scooter

(a) The car is equipped with 2 battery packs under the seat and can last up to 100 -150km. (b) Gogoro supplies the core technology of the car, and Yamaha is responsible for the design and assembly of the car. The price of this electric car is 99,800 Taiwan dollars without considering subsidies, and the annual sales target is expected to be 20,000.

Advantages of Yamaha's electric scooter

The EC-05 has a maximum output of approximately 7.5 kW, a maximum torque of approximately 26 n·m and a top speed of 90 km/h. It is characterized by acceleration performance, and the acceleration time from the stop state to 50km/h is 3.9 seconds, which is 0.8 seconds faster than the ordinary oil-burning motorcycle of the same class. The vehicle weighs 126 kg including the battery pack.

It is worth mentioning that although Yamaha uses Gogoro's core technology, the technology is also used on Gogoro S2, which Gogoro sells itself, so the performance of the two cars is roughly the same, while the Gogoro S2 is cheaper than the Yamaha EC-05. More than 10%. In this limited market in Taiwan, Yamaha is hard to beat Gogoro.

Yamaha did not want to defeat Gogoro, but chose to cooperate with it to win-win. This is also for its own further development in the Taiwan market. Yamaha's new electric scooter now has three main benefits for consumers: (1) It can shorten the non-running time of the vehicle and make it more convenient for continuous use. (2) With the advancement of technology, the improved battery can be easily carried; (3) The same battery can be used by many people, improving the utilization efficiency and facilitating the reduction. Car price.

As early as September 2018, Yamaha and Gogoro began the "exploration of EV business cooperation for the Taiwan market". The EC-05 has become the “first electric product strategy that will continue to be put on the market in the future”, so it has a strong sense of collecting vehicle data or total station utilization data.

The most important question, how to change the electric scooter? Very simple, take out the detachable battery pack in the electric vehicle, insert it into the power station for charging, and then install the fully charged battery pack in the power station into the electric vehicle, so it can be used repeatedly by multiple users. Battery pack (Figure 2).