Security And System Construction Are The Most Important Things

- Nov 09, 2016-

Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, the technology gap is small between the domestic with international, which is an opportunity of the development of new energy vehicles. Since the current technology and the cognitive of the global market, the new energy vehicles export rate is very low. Samsung recalls have caused billions of dollars in losses, this is a relatively mature field of mobile phone batteries. The vehicle battery power both in production and transport process, the quality problems are likely to result in casualties, which requires electric car battery business putting the quality and security on the priority position.

The fuel vehicle has formed quality systems and standards for long times and the new energy vehicles also need a long process of accumulation. Under the guidance of national good policy, the car enterprises in the technical reserves, research and development direction to establish the same time to gradually accumulate and precipitation, thus establishing a sound electric vehicle quality and safety system, and slowly to the market and customers continue to Increase confidence, so that people really recognize the new products. This is the need for our car enterprises to take the spirit of the craftsmen and the attitude of doing things can be, while the traditional car prices some of the repairer experience, the same can be applied to the new electric vehicle manufacturing process.

The development of new energy needs through the choice of the market, such as foreign cars if there is a problem to recall, in violation of the rules on penalties, the state implemented a strong security rules, the market will gradually reveal the normal operation of the new energy vehicles Development is positive. The long run, outstanding new energy vehicles will emerge, poor will be eliminated. Only embracing the noble feelings and the spirit to do the product, just a good vision of the beginning, the electric car this emerging industry to do a good job, relying on a strong industrial system and the country's positive guidance may lead to healthy development.