Seoul Plans To Add 1 Gigawatt Residential Solar Energy By 2022

- Dec 13, 2017-

The Seoul government announced on Nov. 21 that it planned to invest 1.7 trillion won in a new effort to boost the residential solar industry by 2022 by adding a gigawatt capacity.


In a news conference, Seoul's mayor, park yuchun, said the goal of the Seoul solar city project was to reduce the nation's capital's reliance on nuclear power.The overall plan will involve seven separate initiatives that will be subdivided into 59 projects.

One of the main components of the plan is to increase the number of residential pv facilities to one million, and a third of homes are equipped with solar panels.By comparison, in 2014, only 3,000 households in Seoul owned small solar generators, up from 18,000 this year.There are currently 30,000 families on balconies and rooftops with photovoltaic panels.

As part of the new initiative, Seoul will also install photovoltaic panels in major buildings and parks and designate them as solar landmarks or solar zones.Through this measure, Seoul is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 540,000 tons per year.