Shanghai New Energy Automobile Industry Exhibition!Core Technical Achievements Are Closely Watched

- Aug 25, 2017-

These two days, the reporter's WeChat friends almost is the blue sky white cloud of Shanghai and Beijing refresh, in looked up and enjoy the day can not help feeling, it is day originally, now have become rare and rare, have to say that the car emissions is a key factor to the air pollution, it is also due to the problems of traditional fuel cars, governments began to develop and promote new energy vehicles.Of course, China is also at the forefront of developing new energy vehicles. On July 31, China's ministry of industry and information technology just released a list of the list of recommended models for the promotion of new energy vehicles.According to statistics, the total of 282 new energy vehicles into the announcement list, including pure electric passenger cars, 38 pure electric bus 123, 88, new energy vehicle hybrid bus 30, a hybrid passenger cars, three.

We spared no effort to develop new energy

With the release of the recommended catalogue and the implementation of local subsidy policies in various provinces and cities, the popularization of new energy vehicles has gradually accelerated.According to incomplete statistics, in 2017 alone, 24 provinces and municipalities have introduced subsidies for new energy vehicles, and 13 provinces and cities have clarified the subsidy standard for charging infrastructure.According to the latest data, the cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles in China in the january-july period were 272,000 units and 25.10 million units respectively, with year-on-year growth of 26.2% and 21.5% respectively.Although the production and marketing of new energy vehicles are gradually strengthening, China's technical strength in the fields of vehicle manufacturing, battery capacity and charging facilities still needs further improvement.

The new energy industry shows a lot

On August 23, the new energy automotive industry network, the charging infrastructure association of guangdong province, the new energy automotive industry association and jointly organized by zhenwei exhibition co, China civil engineering society of urban public traffic to co-host the 2017 Shanghai international new energy automobile industry exposition opened in Shanghai new international expo center.The exhibition includes new energy vehicles, charging equipment, batteries, electric motors, electric control and related products. The exhibition is about 45,000 square meters and is the largest new energy vehicle industry exhibition in the world.

In this exhibition, Shanghai automotive industry corporation, geely, new energy, catic photoelectric display, ABB and other industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises of new products, new technology to promote the coordinated development of the whole industry chain is of great significance.Among them, the volume energy density of 18650-3350mah battery is 710WH/L, with a mass energy density of 255WH/KG, and the energy density of the product is high, which can solve the problem of smaller volume and greater endurance energy.The rapid development of charging technology greatly improves the charging efficiency of electric vehicles.On the exhibition, ABB Terra63 Z launched dc fast charging machine, the output power at 60 kw, range 30 minutes with 250 kilometres of electric cars, can satisfy the demand of the quick charge in the way.In addition, the number of energy also launched a 3.5 kW to 80 kW ac/dc charging pile for all series products, "our products can be compatible with the domestic various models and adapted European and American standards, through the intelligent charging platform, can realize sharing, charging pile and charging pile and interconnectivity between people and cars.""" said qin chuanjun, chairman of the energy group.

The exhibition will be held in same electric car logistics operators meeting, development trend of new energy bus BBS, sharing automobile assembly, new energy vehicle technology in electricity peak BBS, new energy automotive technology seminar BBS and so on five major themes.From government departments, experts and scholars, scientific research institutions, capital and other guests attended the exchange, multidimensional discussed new energy automotive industry and niche industry development trend and commercial operation mode, to promote the coordinated development of new energy vehicles industry health.