Shanxi Photovoltaic Power Generation Reached A New High

- Aug 31, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on August 29, understands from Shanxi Province electric power company, on August 24, 52 at 11 points, shanxi power grid photovoltaic power generation to an all-time high, the maximum capacity of 2.368 million kilowatts, about 10.93% of the total number of shanxi power grid electricity load.

At present, the pv capacity in shanxi has reached 3.39gw, a 33.5% increase from the same period last year.

With the increasing of pv capacity, the photovoltaic capacity has been continuously improved and the proportion of power generation in the whole province has been continuously improved, and higher requirements have been put forward for the operation management of the power grid and the new energy of the new energy.

In the face of new energy growth pressure, its shanxi electric power company always adhere to the implementation of the national renewable energy development policy, vigorously promotes the new energy given and operation control, to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid.

In this paper, the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation are analyzed, and the operation mode of the unit is arranged according to the real-time operating condition of the power grid, so as to ensure the full capacity of photovoltaic cells in different power grid operation modes.

In order to strengthen the management of the operation of the grid photovoltaic power station, the organization carries out photovoltaic power station operation training personnel, improve the level of business operators, strictly to do a good job of photovoltaic power station long-term value show certificates management, guarantee the safe and stable operation of photovoltaic power station.

Cooperate actively do a good job in the early stage of the photovoltaic (pv) in-depth analysis of the impact of power grid operation after large scale photovoltaic (pv), strengthen the photovoltaic (pv) grid process control, promote new photovoltaic energy given to the power grid safe and stable operation of the coordinated development.