Shanxi Promotes The Wind Fire Depth To Adjust The Market Reform

- Nov 16, 2017-

China energy storage network: recently, Shanxi Province can supervise the issuance of "shanxi electric power wind fire depth peak market operation rules".

The detailed rules will be implemented on January 1, 2018.

It is understood that includes seven chapters, the "details", article 47, with clear depth peak shaving trade organization processes, as well as the notification mechanism and measurement and settlement price trading link, realize the depth of peak shaving service marketization reform.

Through the marketization incentive mechanism, it will greatly alleviate the contradiction between wind power and heating power generation in winter, and fundamentally change the present situation of the difficulties in the peak of winter heat supply in shanxi power grid.

The detailed rules determine the reference value of the market participation benchmark.

Stage of heating units, heating ChunNing unit at an average rate of 50% as the benchmark, the heating power units 12-1 month at an average rate of 60% as the benchmark, November and march to 55% average load rate as a benchmark.

When the average load ratio of the thermal power unit is greater than or equal to the base, the auxiliary service of the peak is the basic auxiliary service of the dispatcher.

Load of power generation enterprises can voluntarily choose to participate in the depth of the market, to participate in during the strict enforcement of dispatching command and dispatch plan, ensure the safety of the electric power safety and heating load shall not participate in depth market for affected residents heating quality.

Market main body aspect, "rules" requirement, participate in the market of the province the grid thermal power and renewable energy power generation enterprises should be in the ancillary services market operation management system and electricity trading platform to complete the registration, strengthening equipment maintenance, perform depth peak shaving and scheduling plan, market trading results and according to the rules to disclose, provide, access to relevant information.

Specific trade organization process, the "detailed rules" regulation, bidding before 13:00, regulating market began to control center depth information, each generating set in between 13:00 PM - to declare in centralized price bidding in regulating the market depth.

14:00-16:00 needs, by the control center according to the operation of the renewable energy generators to predict the output and total market supply, aggregate demand curve, through the security check, on the basis of the formation of considering depth has traded in load power generation plan.

Next, shanxi to the prison office will load in depth market as the gripper, strengthen the regulation of ancillary services market, safeguard the market order, in conjunction with the departments jointly promote the construction of marketization of ancillary services.