Shortage Of Battery Materials Or Restrictions On The Development Of German Electric Vehicle Industry

- Dec 06, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the Reuters news agency reported on November 27, Germany's largest industry association BDI, warned that the German auto industry will face the risk of shortage of raw materials, battery and it will also affect electric vehicle propulsion plan.

Matthias Wachter, director of safety and raw materials at BDI, said: "as demand has grown faster than capacity, the supply of raw materials has entered a bottleneck phase.The supply of raw materials such as cobalt, graphite, lithium and manganese is not sufficient, and the future of new technologies in Germany will be limited.

Carmakers are investing more in electric vehicles as governments around the world tackle pollution.

Demand for battery materials is expected to increase.

Vw said it was working to secure a long-term supply contract to avoid material shortages.The company plans to invest 34 billion euros (267.6 billion yuan) in electric vehicle operations by 2022 to challenge tesla.Daimler ag's mercedes-benz brand planning to launch its before 2022 the electric version for each model, and rival BMW i3 is the pioneer of electric cars, its target is to achieve 12 2025 mass production of pure electric vehicles.

Recycling companies such as Belgium's Umicore or American group Retriev technologies are preparing to extract metal from old batteries to ease the anticipated shortage of materials.