BASF And Other Companies Invest 127 Million Yuan In U.S. Silicon Anode Companies

- Dec 16, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, American battery materials company Group14 Technologies has received a US $ 18 million (about 127 million yuan) financing to expand the production of next-generation anode materials and enter commercial production. Internationally renowned companies including ATL, BASF, Showa Denko, Cabot, and OVP participated in the investment.

"The lithium-ion battery industry is actively seeking higher-performance anode materials to improve battery performance, and Group14's silicon-carbon composites have a unique position to meet this demand," said Rick Luebbe, co-founder and CEO of Group14 Technologies. In cooperation with the most influential players in the field, we will play an important role in realizing the electrification of automotive reality. "

Group 14 is a spin-off company from EnerG2, focusing on the development and production of nanomaterials that can improve battery performance. Group14's expertise in nanomaterials and manufacturing has led to the development of novel methods to produce silicon and incorporate it into carbon to produce new silicon-carbon composites for batteries.

Group14 said that the company's silicon carbon anode material can increase the battery's charging capacity by 40% compared with the current industry standard graphite anode.

It is understood that the breakthrough of Group14 Technologies is the extensive composition of material and process patents. This process enables it to combine nano-structured porous carbon with silicon to form a sponge-like composite material. This structure provides high capacity and structural integrity, extending battery cycle life. At the same time, the material can also greatly reduce the cost of lithium batteries.

"We are very interested in Group14Technologies' silicon-carbon composites as high-performance anode materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries," said JoeKitChuLam, executive vice president of ATL. "This product has high first-cycle efficiency, excellent cycle life, and Direct compatibility of existing graphite anode processes and equipment. "

In order to further improve the energy density of lithium batteries, battery companies are actively researching and developing new lithium battery materials, of which high nickel positive electrode + silicon carbon negative electrode has become a new material system for battery companies to develop high specific energy batteries.

At present, high-nickel materials have been applied in the power battery market in batches, but the commercialization of silicon-carbon anode materials is still slow, mainly due to the prone to swelling and low cycle life of silicon-carbon anodes, which have not been completely resolved.