Singapore Develops New Battery Technology Capacity Restored To 95% Within 10 Hours

- Jan 22, 2018-

Singapore nanyang technological university researchers recently successfully developed a new battery technology, the technology is not improving cell structure, promote cell density, but against with old old batteries, which can let the lithium ion battery in 10 hours, back to 95% of capacity.

In particular, the new technology is in each of the existing between the two electrodes in lithium ion batteries increase the third electrode, thus the residual lithium ion very discharge from one to another, to get rid of the "impurity" affect battery performance.Due to the limitation of natural properties, the longer the lithium battery is used, the more obvious the loss of the capacity will be. In general, it will lose 15-20% of the capacity after the charging and discharging cycle of 300-500 cycles, and cannot be reversed.

But professor Yazami nanyang technological university in Singapore, said his invention can let old lithium battery soon return to the youth, and every few years can be repeated on the same battery recovery operation capacity, can prolong the service life of batteries, and conducive to environmental protection.This invention has already made a test on a smartphone, but more important significance for the change of the electric car industry, because the average person is likely to be two years in a cell phone, but the car will be used more than ten years.Industrial giants such as apple, samsung and panasonic are understood to be interested in the invention.