Sino-British Offshore Wind Cooperation Will Generate 220 Million Pounds For The UK

- Dec 23, 2017-

The UK could benefit as much as 220 million pounds by working with China on innovative offshore wind power.


Britain's offshore renewable energy incubator, China's Tus-Wind and TusPark Newcastle, have agreed to jointly build a china-uk technology growth accelerator.The aim is to promote the development of offshore wind power technology, promote the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK, and expand the distribution of offshore wind power market in China.

The three companies will work together to develop the tsinghua offshore wind science and technology park and the 500 mw demonstration project in shandong province, combining 10% to 15% of the UK's content and expertise.

In the future, countries plan to work with high-potential companies and leading academic institutions to carry out research projects.

British engineering and natural sciences research council chief executive Philip Prof. Nelson said: "the UK and China in regard to the development of offshore wind power technology has made great progress, the agreement will allow researchers to further of the two countries in order to maximize the influence of the new method, thus providing efficient energy and environmental benefits."