Sion Power Will Produce Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries By The End Of 2018

- Feb 03, 2018-

Sion Power will begin producing its patented Licerion rechargeable lithium-ion battery in Tucson, Arizona, at the end of 2018, foreign media reported.The battery can be used in unmanned aerial vehicles and electric vehicles. Its specific capacity is 500Kw/kg, and the energy density is 1000Wh/L, which can be recycled for 450 cycles.

美国Sion Power公司将于2018年年底量产可充电锂金属电池

The Licerion technology, developed by Sion Power in collaboration with the German chemical company basf, contains a series of chemical compounds based on lithium and sulfur materials.All Licerion products contain the protective lithium metal anode for Sion Power, unique electrolyte formula and engineering materials.

The size of a single Licerion battery is 10cm x 10cm x1cm, with a capacity of 20Ah and has the highest energy density and specific capacity.Licerion's technical core is a protective metal lithium thin film anode, which has multi-layer physical and chemical protection functions, which can improve the safety and life of lithium anode.These anodes can be paired with a conventional lithium ion sandwich cathode.

Licerion consists of ceramic barrier thin and stable chemical performance, reduces the parasitic effects, reduce the battery weight, the greatest degree enhance battery energy density, extend the cycle life cycle and improve security.

According to Sion Power, using Licerion technology can double the energy density of cathode materials such as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and nano-metal cluster (NMC).In addition, Licerion technology also applies to existing battery installation and manufacturing procedures.