SMA Provides 26 Sunny Central Battery Inverters To The British Grid Energy Storage System

- Jul 02, 2018-

According to the German inverter supplier SMA, its 26 Sunny Central battery inverters will integrate lithium-ion storage systems into the grid.In addition, SMA subsidiary Sunbelt Energy provides customized power management systems and SCADA solutions to optimize charging and discharging cycles according to grid needs.

Pelham, a utility scale energy storage system in hertfordshire, will provide spare capacity for ancillary services to compensate for power supply.The facility has a capacity of 50.06 megawatt hours, according to the announcement.

"Pelham is a flagship project in Europe with a capacity of 60MVA and one of the largest projects in the world," said Enrique Garralaga Rojas, project development director at SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH.The project was reportedly completed in less than six months by SMA and a British solar renewable energy contractor.

According to SMA, this is Europe's largest continuous battery storage plant, operated by Statera energy.Statera has also developed several other large energy storage projects.