What Is A Soft Pack Battery And What Are The Advantages?

- Aug 22, 2019-

The models and styles of the batteries of the existing new energy vehicles are still relatively large. As a kind of power battery, the soft-pack battery has been accelerating in the application of new energy vehicles with its own advantages. According to the development of soft pack batteries in these years, many battery companies have begun to actively develop in this field. So what is a soft pack battery, what is the advantage?

From the literal point of view, the soft pack battery is a polymer shell on a liquid soft liquid lithium ion battery. The biggest difference with other batteries is the use of aluminum plastic film as the battery core packaging material. For soft pack batteries, the soft pack battery has good safety performance and weight in terms of volume. The advantages of light weight, large capacity, low internal resistance and flexible design have gradually revealed its advantages and status.

The soft pack battery is packaged in aluminum plastic film. The biggest advantage of aluminum film packaging is that it has a certain flexibility. When the battery has safety problems, the soft pack battery will generally burst and the internal liquid leaks. The gas does not discharge and causes an explosion and fire. This is different from the steel shell or aluminum shell. The advantage of this battery is still foreseeable, and secondly, the weight of the battery is light. For electric vehicles. In other words, installing a soft pack battery can reduce the weight of the battery and can be improved for the cruising range of the vehicle.

In the shape of the appearance, the variable shape is arbitrary. For the vehicle, installing the soft pack battery can increase the space of the vehicle, and the installation position of the soft pack battery is not affected by the structure of the vehicle, and secondly for the soft pack battery. It can be said that the battery can be made thinner, and the overall flexibility and matching of the soft pack battery is relatively high, which has great appeal to the design of the automobile enterprise.