Solar Energy Research And Development Of Solar Power Technology

- Sep 20, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the Massachusetts institute of technology review magazine reported that the U.S. department of energy (doe) has announced a $62 million, another big increase the solar energy industry technology, concentrated solar power research and development, in order to conquer the solar power grid stability, repair as well as the electrical energy storage and so on the key problems.

Currently solar power plant is mainly based on two kinds of technology to convert solar energy into electrical energy, is a kind of photovoltaic technology, be fitted with expensive battery or external energy storage technologies, only to the power supply when the sun is shining;The second is concentrated solar power technology, through the lens will focus of sunlight, such as using the energy turning water into steam driving turbine, solar part is converted into heat energy stored in the system is equipped with molten salt tank, but at night or rainy day continuous power supply.

In 2011, to increase the competitiveness of solar power generation, the U.S. department of energy proposed a "shooting day plan" that would reduce the unit price of solar energy per watt from $4 to $1 by 2020.As a result, the department of energy and public and private companies have been focused on developing more readily available photovoltaic technologies, and earlier this year they completed their expected targets.The technology of concentrating power generation is long neglected due to higher cost and higher technical difficulty.

The us department of energy has turned the research into a focus on concentrating solar energy technologies that can improve stability and sustainability of solar power grids after the solar price is expected to meet its target.Although some question that may be the trump government for "the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation to fossil fuel threat" cover, but a number of energy experts express their support for the technology to, think concentrated power than in store solar energy photovoltaic power generation.

Energy policy at the university of California, San Diego researchers David victor, said: "the current existence of photovoltaic over-investment and concentrated power generation into the problem of insufficient, the department of energy's new plan would bring about concentrated solar research and development of the boom."George mason university, David hart, a deputy director of the center for science, technology and innovation policy, also thinks, photovoltaic power generation technology is ripe to solve problem is no longer a technical level, but how to expand the scale, the private sector can solve.Government departments can provide more funds to develop new technologies that are not yet mature enough to solve the deep problems faced by solar energy development.