Toyota Will Push Solid-state Battery-powered Cars In 2020

- Nov 19, 2019-

According to Autocar, Toyota's executive vice president and chief technology officer, Shigeki Terashi, revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show that Toyota will showcase its battery technology at the 2020 Olympics with an electric car powered by a solid-state battery.

"We will produce a car that uses solid-state batteries and will be launched in 2020, but the mass production of solid-state battery cars will be later." Terashima also stressed that Toyota's battery technology is through the development of hybrid power. Accumulated by the car Prius.

Solid-state batteries are considered to be much safer than ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and the energy density may be higher, but no company has been able to mass-produce such batteries, and the production cost is not comparable to that of lithium-ion batteries.

Toyota is still at the forefront of solid-state battery technology. Although Volkswagen also talked about the timetable for the introduction of solid-state batteries, BMW said it expects to sell electric vehicles using solid-state batteries by 2030.

Toyota solid-state battery powered vehicles are expected to be based on the Toyota e-Palette. e-Palette is an autonomous driving platform developed by the company that will be offered to partners to showcase their own autonomous driving technology.