Something You Don’t Know About 26650

- Sep 26, 2016-

Good morning everyone , Talk something else before the official start .To be honesty ,nobody would like to hold the computer typing especially in such a hot day. There is something I want to share with you , Thus hard myself.

26650  is not strange to us who’s engaged in the lithium battery industry. What? You just know that it is a type of battery? Please go ahead and read patiently. Un hum,  you can press the return key ,if you are a professor .

How to understand the key word 26650,we know 26 means the diameter of the cell is 26mm,and the height is 65mm. but have you ever think what’s the zero means? Yeah , I think maybe it doesn’t have any other meaning just acts as a syllable, if you have good idea please let me know .I just cause you to think those question easy to be ignore especially. More over , our cell is something different  with normal cell of 26650 size.

26650 Battery Cell Style

Not all the cells of 26650 has the same size .please notice it ! And 26650 is widely used such as in EVS、home off-grid、power station 、portable EES and solar street light.

But do you know how to produce a type of high-end battery? Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co, limited shows us the answer.

Strictly follow TS16949 ,ISO to control the raw material ,formulation , production process , etc.  More precise added,we have 5 high-lights; firstly,50+ properties test .secondly,3-processes ocv inspection . thirdly,350hrs full charge common,72hrs full charge high temp. curing.Finally,128 key quality controlled point .In a short ,100% automatic production line to keep high production process .