South Australia's Energy Storage System Will Be One Of The Largest Batteries In The Southern Hemisphere

- Sep 24, 2019-

GE Renewables will provide a large number of energy storage batteries for the South Australian 200 MW Sunshine Project, which will be "one of the largest batteries in the Southern Hemisphere."

A large photovoltaic project under construction in South Australia is known as the Solar River Project. The project was approved for development in June 2018 and will be operational in early 2021. It will cost A$450 million (US$305.7 million), including a 200 MW PV array and 100 MW of battery energy storage, which can be 96,000. The home provides enough electricity to connect the PV array to the national grid near Robertstown, South Australia.

South Australia's energy storage system for photovoltaic power generation will be "one of the largest batteries in the Southern Hemisphere"


The project has now identified energy storage suppliers, which are supplied by GE Renewables to integrate a 200 MW PV plant and a 100 MW/300 MWh battery energy storage system.

The 100 MW, 3-hour battery energy storage system provides nearly 300 MWh of energy storage capacity and is capable of transmitting up to 400 MWh of power per day. In many other large projects under construction in Australia, if the project is built fast enough, it will replace the current 100 MW/129 MWh Hornsdale energy storage system with the largest battery system on the Australian grid.

Jason May, CEO of the Sunshine River Project, said: "General Electric has provided a state-of-the-art technology for South Australia by providing tremendous energy transfer capabilities through intelligent operating systems."

The South Australian Power Grid is characterized by “one of the busiest loads in the world”, which is one of the largest batteries in the Southern Hemisphere and will help photovoltaic power plants provide stable power generation and help smooth peaks, helping to build a more stable South Australian power grid.

South Australia's energy storage system for photovoltaic power generation will be "one of the largest batteries in the Southern Hemisphere"

An industry veteran said that the “Sunshine River Project” is a benchmark for the renewable energy industry and a role for GE in building a renewable hybrid plant. Hybrid solutions have become a reality, driven by reliable and schedulable demand for renewable energy. We can leverage our proprietary control technology to integrate renewable energy to optimize asset and customer output.

The project was originally a 100% privately funded development. But this year, things have changed. The Sunshine River Project has signed a 15-year contract with an energy company, Alinta Energy, to provide 75% of its production to the latter. If the country's proposed Victorian high-voltage transmission line is implemented, the project's photovoltaic power generation and battery capacity may double. In addition, a proposed A$1.5 billion power interconnection between Robertstown in southern Australia and Wagga Wagga in New South Wales will also be included in the connection to Victoria.