South Korea Has Developed A Hybrid Water Solution Battery

- Mar 03, 2018-

We are used to make our daily equipment by the lithium ion battery power supply, but there are a lot of teams are working on sodium ion batteries, lithium batteries and aluminum ion battery design, etc, which could help solve some disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries.

Institute of South Korea's advanced science and technology (KAIST) developed the latest water based hybrid battery, the battery safety and high energy and high power density, can charge the battery in a short span of 20 seconds, it is composed of liquid electrolyte between anode and cathode of the special design.The anode is made from a graphene based polymer chain, which gives it a high surface area and allows it to store more energy.The cathode material consists of nickel oxide nanoparticles embedded in graphene.

韩国研发出混合水溶液电池 可在30秒内充电完成

As these materials are arranged in these structures, the new devices have higher energy density and faster energy exchange than other aqueous solutions.It is much more stable with minimal energy loss, and its capacity remains close to 100% after more than 100,000 REDOX cycles.The new device also has a power density of about 100 times higher than similar designs, and can be charged in 20 to 30 seconds using low-power systems such as traditional USB chargers.

In the test, the team connected two batteries to a flexible photovoltaic cell and was able to power the LED, while the entire suite was worn like a sleeve.The device can be quickly charged using a low-power charging system, so it can be used in portable electronic devices.