South Korea Has Developed A New Type Of Graphene Ball Battery

- Jan 20, 2018-

According to South Korea "central daily" report, samsung electronics research institute of comprehensive technology of group successfully developed a new battery material graphene. 45% higher than current lithium ion battery charging capacity, charging speed increased by more than 5 times.The research was published online in the journal nature communications.

The researchers found that in high strength and high conductivity of graphene materials after adding silica, can be a lot of graphene synthesis, synthesis of graphene like popcorn presents a three-dimensional shape, so called "graphene ball", this kind of graphene anode materials for lithium ion battery protective film and cathode materials can improve after charging capacity and shorten the charging time, and high temperature stability can also be guaranteed.

 Graphene has long been considered a representative material in the new generation of materials.The graphene extracted from graphite is a thin carbon atom membrane, characterized by high stability of physical and chemical properties.The material is 100 times more conductive than copper.It conducts electricity more than 140 times faster than silicon.This is why graphene ball cells are five times faster than existing rechargeable batteries.South Korea plans to commercialize the "graphene ball" lithium battery in five years.