South Korea Has Developed A New Type Of Magnesium Ion Battery Components

- Jan 20, 2018-

South Korea research consortium said in a news release, successfully developed a new type of magnesium - tin guo-zhong han nan university (Mg2Sn) alloy cathode element, the element has a high capacity to charge and discharge performance, is expected to be the next generation of lithium secondary batteries are widely used.The findings are published in the international Journal of Power Sources.

The lithium-ion batteries currently used are expensive and have a short life span and are dangerously explosive.The magnesium ion battery is relatively safe, environmentally friendly and energy dense compared with li-ion battery, and will be widely used in the next generation of energy storage devices.But when used in the cathode, the magnesium metal battery, like the lithium secondary battery, cannot work at room temperature and can only be used at 60 to 100 degrees.

The research team said that the magnesium-tin alloy is a new type of cathode element that ensures stability between electrolytes when charged and discharged, unlike a magnesium metal cathode that is oxidized by electrochemical means.Mg2Sn cathode materials can be combined with various anode materials to produce a variety of magnesium ion batteries, which can be used to regulate the conductivity, capacity and power of the cathode, thus improving the battery performance.