South Korea's Hyundai Plans To Reduce Its Reliance On Battery Suppliers By Making Its Own Batteries

- Jun 06, 2018-

Hyundai is building its own battery production line as part of its recent launch of an emissionless car, according to south Korean media.The south Korean car giant has hired battery researchers and production researchers since the start of the year and plans to build a production line in the research laboratory of Euiwang in gyeonggi province.It has also recently placed orders with a number of equipment manufacturers.

Its key aim appears to be to reduce reliance on battery suppliers to accelerate the push for greener cars.The carmaker currently USES LGChem and SKInnovation batteries.Its global competitors have invested resources to secure batteries and related technologies.Japan's Toyota and nissan have their own battery-making devices, while Germany's BMW has its own battery production line.

The source predicted that initial production would be less than 1Gwh and would supply the equivalent of hundreds of cars a year.Starting with some new hybrid models using low-density batteries, their mass-market applications could take about two years.A hyundai spokesman acknowledged the automaker was building a battery production line, but denied any plans to use the batteries in its vehicles.