South Korea Says It Has Developed The World's First Flexible Battery That Can Be Stretched At Will.

- Jan 09, 2018-

On January 8th news: the battery technology has always been a bottleneck restricting technology promotion, not just in terms of battery capacity, also in terms of volume, especially in the irregular shape of wearable devices.

For wearable devices (why) excellent intelligent fabrics, clothing, etc, in the choice often is restricted by the shape of battery, battery or use small batteries, but life is blocked, or adopt large capacity battery, but it is difficult to fit the product.Now elastic batteries may offer a new solution.

According to reports, a team from the national institute of science and technology in ulsan, South Korea, has released its latest research, which claims to be the world's first elastic battery.

韩国称研发出全球首块弹性电池 可随意拉伸

  The r&d team

The battery is characterized by its ability to stretch without affecting performance.It is reported that the battery USES a special kind of composite material. When the composite material is stretched, the disconnection part of carbon black carbon nanotube can still retain the original conductivity.The composite is also used as a collector of electrodes.

This means that the battery can be stretched to fit the shape of the wearable device, while ensuring that the battery life is due, which is a great improvement on the development of smart wearable devices.

Of course, this kind of battery is just in the stage of development and completion, and it should be a certain distance from the real commercial and mass production. It just provides a new way of thinking.