South Korea Will Build The World's Largest Fuel-cell Power Plant

- Aug 01, 2018-

Korea western electric power corporation, hamptons corporation, KB securities co., zhongqing north road provincial government and zhenchuan county office signed a business cooperation agreement to establish a joint project of green energy power plant in the provincial government office on July 6.The project involves building the world's largest 80mw fuel cell power plant at a 27,000-square-meter production facility in zhenchuan, on qingbei road.


Once the fuel-cell plant is operational, it will be able to produce 656 gigawatts of electricity, enough to supply about 240,000 homes - 23 per cent of the total electricity consumed in ling quan county and 2.9 per cent in zhongqingbei province.The fuel-cell plant is expected to make a profit of 3.4 trillion won from electricity sales during its 20-year operation.

The plant will operate on a fuel cell system that produces electricity by producing hydrogen from liquefied natural gas and reacting it with oxygen in the air.