South Korean Fuel Cell Drone Lasts Nearly 11 Hours

- Apr 02, 2020-

South Korean Fuel Cell Drone Lasts Nearly 11 Hours


Korean liquid hydrogen expert MetaVista cooperated with smart energy fuel cell power modules to set a new record of 10 hours and 50 minutes of drone test flight. This is also the longest flight time among similar drones in existence.

Fuel cells have traditionally been seen as the ideal power option for commercial and military drones because they provide longer flight times than traditional batteries.

The test flight drone is equipped with a light 650W fuel cell power module (FCPM) based on Loughborough Fuel Cell Engineering Company. MetaVista used 390g of liquid hydrogen in a 6L cylinder specially designed for the machine.

MetaVista developed an ultra-lightweight liquid hydrogen storage tank specifically for FCPM from Intelligent Energy. The MetaVista liquid hydrogen system is combined with the Intelligent Energy 650W FCPM system to provide an energy density of 1865Wh / kg.

"The fuel cell power module we provided significantly increased flight time, and the liquid hydrogen provided by MetaVista together contributed to this new record."

David Woolhaus, CEO of Intelligent Energy, who participated in the development of the light drone that participated in the test flight, said: "The results also prove that liquid hydrogen can increase the equipment flight time by 3 times compared to compressed hydrogen. This is needed for For business users with longer battery life, it is a truly disruptive product. "

MetaVista is an integrated low temperature hydrogen related technology and software platform, which mainly provides energy and power systems. Currently, MetaVista has many products and businesses related to hydrogen liquefaction, hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen-powered cars and ships.

Intelligent Energy mainly focuses on the commercial drone market. Its mass-produced products cover drones in the weight range of 5-20kg. Related drone products will be exhibited at the drone exhibition in Japan and AUVSI Xponential in Chicago.