South Korean Scientists Have Found That Cobalt Sulfide Electrodes Can Be Used As Supercapacitors

- Sep 12, 2017-

China's energy storage network: a team of researchers from keqing university in South Korea recently discovered that the cobalt electrode, which is made from ethanol, can be used as a super capacitor to make the electrode of cobalt sulphide.

The team used water, ethanol and a mixture of the two to make different cobalt sulfide electrodes.They are using X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscope, scanning electron microscope (sem) and transmission electron microscope technology, analyses the cobalt sulfide nanoparticles in different solvents crystal characteristics, chemical state and the characteristics of the surface morphology, etc, by using cyclic voltammetry and constant current charge and discharge method and the methods of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, electrochemical characteristics of sulfide cobalt electrode were evaluated.The results showed that the cobalt electrode with ethanol solvent showed the best capacitance.

Researchers analysis, using ethanol as the solvent of the preparation of cobalt electrode, because ethanol solvent is more suitable surface morphology, the electrolyte ions are more likely to spread to the inside electrode, electric conductivity increases, which shows the characteristics of super capacitor.

New study proves that the cobalt sulfide nanoparticles in photocatalysis, electric fields such as catalysis, decomposition of water and solar cell, as well as a variety of energy storage devices will have broad application prospect, is a production of super capacitor anode material.