South Korean Teams Use Walnut Spice To Make Solar Cells

- Sep 26, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to yonhap news agency reported on September 22, the chemical engineering at the university of South Korea's posco engineering subject teaching and integration of jintai hao jun-yu li team used in walnut spices as raw material of food additives, produce a kind of material, environmental protection and efficient conduction could be used to make perovskite solar cells.The results have been published online in the journal of the American chemical society, a leading journal of the chemical industry.

It is reported that the calcium and titanium ore is thinner than silicon and is cheaper to make, so it has attracted a lot of attention in the solar cell industry.The report says that the calcium-titanium mine solar cells, after receiving the sun's rays, produce electrons and electron holes, which require an efficient medium to transmit them to the electrodes.Prior to this, the conductive media of the calcium titanium solar cells had been using toxic chlorobenzene.

The team used the walnut spice food additive to develop a more environmentally friendly conductive material that could replace chlorobenzene in the production of the calcium-titanium solar cell.Mr Li said the material could increase the efficiency of the polymer by 18 per cent without changing the photoelectric properties, and the efficiency would not fade over time.This finding could contribute to the development of the conductive polymer industry.