VSSC Plans To Transfer Space-grade Lithium-ion Battery Cells

- Aug 14, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) selected 14 companies from hundreds of companies, all of which are interested in their lithium-ion battery technology.

The Vikram Space Center (VSSC) is a subsidiary of ISRO, which is an executive of S. Somanath said that ISRO has transferred lithium-ion technology to India Heavy Industries (BHEL) for mass production of space-grade lithium-ion batteries. In June of this year, the agency announced that it decided to hand over its lithium-ion battery technology to Indian heavy industry on a non-exclusive basis for use in automobile manufacturing.

The agency said the initiative will accelerate the development of the electric vehicle industry. VSSC is based in Kerala, India, which plans to hand over lithium-ion battery technology to successful Indian companies and start-ups, but on a non-exclusive basis to build mass production facilities in India with different production. Celles of size, capacity, and energy density are designed to meet the application requirements of such energy storage devices.

ISRO can produce lithium-ion battery cells of different sizes and power (1.5-100 A). At present, lithium-ion batteries have become the most mainstream battery system, which can be seen in mobile phones, notebook computers, cameras and other portable consumer products.

Recently, battery technology has made progress again, helping to develop electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.