Nissan Uses 148 Leaf Battery Packs To Power The Amsterdam Stadium

- Sep 28, 2019-

According to foreign media CNET reports, Nissan announced last week that it has completed the installation of a Leaf battery-based energy storage system at Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam. The energy storage system is capable of storing 3 megawatts of power, equivalent to 148 new and used Leaf battery packs that will be used in conjunction with the Eaton power converter to provide a more sustainable power supply for the stadium.

“ArenA ensures a lot of power even during power outages,” said Henkvan Raan, Innovation Director of the stadium, in a statement. “Therefore, the stadium will contribute to a stable Dutch energy network. JohanCruijffArenA is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world and leads intelligent innovations such as this unique energy storage system.”

In addition, the stadium's roof is fitted with 4,200 solar panels that can power future use. However, it is used as backup power after power failure and is supplemented during heavy use. This will greatly reduce the stadium's reliance on polluting diesel generators and reduce the pressure on the grid during concerts and other power-consuming events.

Reusing old electric car batteries in this way is not new. A subsidiary of Nissan has been working to find ways to reuse these batteries. Chevrolet has used the old Volt battery to provide backup power to one of the data centers. Other automakers such as Fiat are also working with companies that are committed to reusing batteries.