CATL,BYD, Panasonic Will Start The Competition In Japan

- Sep 03, 2019-

On September 2nd,according to the Japan Economic news reports ,two giants of China power batter company, BYD and CATL will start the competition in Japan market.

According to the report ,CATL insisted that the price of energy storage battery ,which is used for electricity for housing and industry, will reduce to half price of similar good. Such a low price is so attractive. As the report says ,BYD confirmed that they sold storage batteries to Japan factory and power plant since 2021.Industry insiders from Japan estimate that its price will in accordance with its competitors. Since then ,two leading company of China power battery industry will have a frontal fight in Japan market.

In recent years, the competitions in the field of power batteries in China’s local market have been fierce. As more and more excellent factories going abroad with its innovative products and excellent technology, power battery enterprises from China have more and more chance to have fight in oversea market. 


Fuji economy states that the total market of global fixed-type storage battery will reach to1.2 trillion JPY (almost 810 billion RMB),its 6.6 times the total market of 2017.China enterprises notice that Japanese family have a huge demand for storaging residual energy, and then they plan to start their business in this field. According to Japan economy news says, 70% of global solar panel market and 50% of Japan market has been occupied by company from China,which will drive domestic products “going out”.


At the same time, under the general trend of global automotive electrification, Japanese car companies represented by Toyota are also increasing their R&D and investment in electrification. Toyota has released a message that it will exceed 1 million units of its pure electric vehicles by 2025. In June 2019, Toyota announced that it had entered into cooperation with Ningde and BYD to jointly carry out battery production and technology research and development, and signed a power battery supply agreement with Ningde Times. The competitive landscape of the Japanese power battery industry is quietly changing.

According to the data, in the 2018 global power battery installed capacity list, Ningde era, Panasonic, BYD ranked in the top three. With the Ningde era and BYD officially entering the Japanese market, the world's three major battery suppliers will compete fiercely in the Japanese market, and the resulting competition may continue to lower market prices and further stimulate the market in the next period of time. demand.