Panasonic Launches Residential Solar Lithium Ion Energy Storage Solution

- Oct 29, 2019-

Matsushita recently launched Everfot, a lithium-ion energy storage solution for residential solar installations, at the 2019 Solar International Expo in Salt Lake City, USA.


According to reports, the EverVolt energy storage system has two versions of AC and DC in the United States, and its storage capacity ranges from 5.7 kWh to 34.2 kWh. The Japanese electronics giant added that the system is compatible with a variety of photovoltaic technologies and inverters and can be tailored to the needs of homeowners.


Panasonic said users can monitor their systems using custom software and user-friendly applications.


Panasonic also said in the press release: "This product has 10 years of product and performance warranty support," but did not provide further technical details.


Mukesh Sethi, manager of Panasonic Solar Group, added: "With EverVolt, homeowners will be closer to grid independence and see their solar investments get faster returns."


According to the company's website, the average backup capacity of the 5.7 kWh mini energy storage system is 3 hours, the standard capacity of 11.4 kWh is 6 hours, and the PLUS version of 17.1 kWh is 9 hours.


These devices are currently certified to UL 1741SA, UL 1973, UL 1642 and are pending for UL 9540. Panasonic currently offers the Harbor Plus lithium-ion battery and the LJ-SK84A energy storage system.