Chery New Energy Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Rongsheng Mengguli

- Nov 27, 2019-

On August 27, Chery New Energy and Rongsheng Mengguli signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to promote the two parties to strengthen complementary advantages and industrial innovation, and promote good cooperation at the capital and business levels.

Mengguli Power focuses on soft-pack laminated batteries. The technical route is mainly lithium manganate and ternary batteries. The product covers energy, energy and power, high power and energy storage types. This application is mainly used in PHEV commercial vehicle.

It is understood that the specific energy of the ternary battery cells currently produced by Mengguli can reach 240wh / kg, and the system energy density can reach more than 160wh / kg.

As market competition intensifies, Mengguli Power also extends its focus from the field of PHEV commercial vehicles to the field of new energy passenger vehicles with a broader market and focuses the market mainly on the mid-to-high-end field.

At present, Mengguli Power has provided a number of new energy passenger car models for OEMs such as SAIC Chase and SAIC-GM-Wuling.

On June 18, the second phase of the Rongsheng Mengguli Power Battery project began, with a planned capacity of 6GWh. It is planned to be completed and put into operation next June. The first phase of the 3GWh power battery project of the Tianjin plant has been put into operation in October 2018. The second phase of the Tianjin plant will be completed and put into operation and the production capacity of the power plant of the Tianjin plant will reach 9GWh.

The main models of Chery New Energy include micro pure electric vehicles, medium-sized pure electric vehicles, mini electric buses, pure electric buses, pure electric buses, etc. At the same time, they are used in motors, motor drive systems, DC / DC, advanced power batteries, battery management systems, The vehicle controller and other aspects have initially formed mass production capacity.

Zhang Chongde, general manager of Rongsheng Mengguli, said that Chery is the leader of Chinese national auto brands. Rongsheng Mengguli cherishes this cooperation opportunity, and is willing to work with Chery to make the new energy brand bigger and stronger, helping both parties to promote common development. win.