Sulfur Template Technology Allows Lithium Ion Batteries To 'slim Down'

- Apr 17, 2018-

Mobile phones, laptops, etc., how to be lighter and thinner, how electric cars have a longer range of battery life...Yang quanhong tianjin university research team innovation "s template method" is put forward, based on high energy density lithium ion battery cathode material volume design, finally complete the graphene "tailored" of active particles package.With this technology, future lithium-ion batteries are expected to be slimmer and lighter and more durable.

The increase of user's portability and the limitation of using space require that today's lithium-ion batteries have a high volume energy density.Nanotechnology can make batteries "lighter", but because of the low density of nanomaterials, "smaller" has become a problem for researchers in energy storage.Carbon cage structure of carbon nano material building is considered to be solve tin, silicon and other non carbon negative electrode materials intercalated-li huge volume expansion problem of the main means, to the structure of the carbon cage accurately is a new way for industrialization of high performance cathode materials.

Professor Yang qunanhong research team based on graphene interface assembly, invented the dense and porous carbon cage accurately sulfur template technology, the use of graphene gel capillary evaporation densification strategy, successfully solved the high density and porosity of carbon materials "cannot have your cake and eat it" bottleneck problem, successfully obtained the high density of porous carbon materials.The carbon cage based on graphene assembly structure design ideas of "tailored" can expand to generalize the next generation of high-energy lithium ion battery and lithium sulfur batteries, lithium battery electrode materials such as air construction strategy, so that the energy storage battery to realize "small size" "high capacity".