Sumitda Energy Pakistan 18MW Photovoltaic Project And Network

- Dec 05, 2017-

China energy storage network: recently, the Pakistan Harappa, a total of 18 mw photovoltaic power plants, has been officially connected.The 18-megawatt photovoltaic Power plant in harapa is Pakistan's first Independent Power Producer, which tracks stents.


According to introducing, this project was built in Pakistan sassy anwar administrative village of harappa, use about 50000 Sue beauty of photovoltaic modules brand - fai's solar energy efficient polycrystalline pv components of production, and adopt the single axle photovoltaic tracking support for the first time in Pakistan.When the project was completed, it generated nearly 18 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first year, and the total amount of electricity generated in the next 25 years reached 400 million million.Compared with the same generation of coal-fired power stations, the harappa power station can save more than 5904 tonnes of standard coal per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 18,000 tons.

Yuan Quan Sue beauty of energy market director said: "Pakistan's smoothly grid-connection harappa 18 mw photovoltaic power station, this means not only the beauty of its energy - hui the manufacturing process of solar photovoltaic modules with originality, excellent efficiency, and reliable product quality has won the high recognition of the international community, more confirmed Sue beauty of energy powerful ability of overseas energy project total package."