Sunshine Power Is The First Batch Of State-level Green Factories

- Sep 08, 2017-

China energy storage net news: a few days ago, in 2017 published by the state ministry of the first batch of green manufacturing model list, sun power after reporting unit self evaluation, third-party evaluation institution evaluation, the provincial department in charge of industry and information technology to recommend, expert argumentation, review and online publication, wins the national green plant.

Sunshine power has always attached great importance to energy management and planning, give priority to use renewable energy and clean energy to replace fossil fuels, used in the factory workshop roof construction of photovoltaic power generation systems, have already accumulated construction of 4.1 MW photovoltaic power station form intelligent light ChuWei grid, can send out nearly a year 4.1 million degrees of clean electricity, more than 3410 tons of carbon dioxide.As of the first half of this year, the company has built more than 49GW of inverter equipment in the world, producing a total of 68 billion yuan of clean electricity per year, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 54.4 million tons.In addition, the company will be automatic, intelligent and information technology into the manufacturing system of the whole process, the use of cloud computing, big data, such as information technology impetus system linkage, improve production efficiency, to reduce energy consumption per unit product, create smart factory.

Future green, intelligence is the important direction of industrial development, which is the key to technology innovation and application, the sun power will adhere to independent innovation, based on the concept of environmental friendly ecological loss, reducing the volume, decrease of resource conservation.Deng Dejun sunshine power production center general manager, said: "in the green plant requirements of land intensive utilization, clean production, waste, energy, low carbon, sunshine green design, green purchasing and advanced applicable technology, clean production series development results.In the future, we will continue to build green factories in accordance with the green manufacturing system.