Europe Will Establish A Second Battery Alliance To React To The Suppression Of Asian Power Battery Companies

- Sep 09, 2019-

Although Europe is the most developed region in the traditional automotive industry, it has many well-known car brands. However, in the face of the development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, the layout of power batteries in one of the key components of European countries is obviously more than one step behind China, Japan and Korea.
In order to reverse this "squat" situation and reduce the dependence of the European electric vehicle industry on the power batteries of the three Asian countries, Europe has begun to clarify the layout of power battery manufacturing in recent years.
Recently, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy announced that nine countries including France, Poland, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain and Germany decided to establish the second battery industry alliance in Europe. According to the German "Business Daily" report, about 30 companies such as Germany's BMW and BASF will become members of the second battery industry alliance in Europe.
In recent years, Ningde era, LG Chemical and other Asian power battery companies have set up their own battery production bases in Europe, taking the lead in laying out the upstream supply chain necessary for the development of the European electric vehicle industry, which also makes European car companies feel a lot of pressure.
In order to change this passive situation, in May this year, Germany and France decided to jointly establish the first battery industry alliance in Europe, including Germany's Opel, France's Peugeot Citroen Group and French battery manufacturer Shuai Fu.
As the most important and cost-competitive core component of electric vehicles, the power battery can be said to be the "heart" of electric vehicles. Let the "heart" of industrial development be unaffected by people and become the most important joint in the development of the European electric vehicle industry. However, Europe's industrial chain layout is not as comprehensive as China's, the development of battery-related technology research and application is slightly inferior to Japan and South Korea, and China is currently the world's largest market for electric vehicle applications. Therefore, the development of the European power battery industry may have to compete with China, Japan and Korea, and it may take some time.