Switzerland's Nuclear Power Plants Are Expensive To Decommission

- Dec 27, 2017-

Swiss news reported on December 21 that the cost of decommissioning and radioactive waste management at the plant exceeded expectations.A study of costs by independent experts suggests that the cost of decommissioning in 2016 will cost at least sfr23.5bn.

The initial cost was 228 billion Swiss francs.The study was published a year ago by the retirement fund and waste management fund committee (STENFO) of the Swiss nuclear energy company.

In recent months, independent experts have compared the results with the cost of decommissioning and waste management in foreign nuclear plants, according to stenfodec.They are particularly concerned about the general safety component.

However, experts say the current total cost is 23484 million Swiss francs, although some need to be adjusted, but the cost of computing is "reliable and correct".The federal department of energy will determine the final cost in the coming months.Swiss energy foundation (SES) in May of 2016 is not the cost of a controlled study published criticism, said the cost was too optimistic, and further require plant operators to pay the cost of nuclear power plant retired.