Sydney University's Zinc Air Battery Is Five Times More Powerful Than Lithium-ion Batteries

- Dec 01, 2017-

China energy storage network: according to ZDNet, researchers at the university of Sydney (USyd) and Singapore's nanyang technological university have developed a new battery technology -- zinc air battery.The researchers believe it could be used in electronics to replace lithium-ion batteries.

悉尼大学的锌空气电池 储电量是锂离子电池的五倍

Reported that zinc air battery before use expensive metals such as platinum and iridium oxide as a catalyst, so its application scope is limited in a small part of electronic equipment, such as hearing AIDS and railway signal system, etc.Now new technologies are starting to use high-performance, low-cost catalysts, which are crystallised with metal oxides such as iron, cobalt and nickel.

Zinc air battery is a kind of metal air batteries, it by zinc oxide in air to produce electricity, compared with the traditional lithium-ion batteries, it has a large capacity, safe environmental protection, the characteristics of lower cost.The lithium ion battery is the default battery option for smart phones and electric cars due to its high light and power supply, but due to its own nature, a short circuit can have very serious consequences.The zinc metal itself is rich in storage and will not be as short as lithium-ion batteries, which are five times as powerful as lithium-ion batteries.

"Our approach can produce a lot of high performance and low cost catalysts."Professor Yuan Chen, of the university of Sydney's engineering and technology department, said: "we are working on some basic science and technology issues and want to develop sustainable metal air batteries for our society."

Have to say, this kind of battery in the future if you can replace the lithium-ion batteries used in smart phones and other electronic devices, a can keep the cell phone battery life growth, second smartphone is expected to add more features.Other rechargeable metal air batteries include magnesium and graphene.