China Hengrui Plans To Team Up With Voith To Develop Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Fuel Storage Tank System

- Nov 25, 2019-

Recently, the composite composite solution provider China Hengrui Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HRC) and the 150-year-old global leading technology and industrial service provider Voith Group's composite materials research and development and production company Voith Composite ( Hereinafter, VoithComposite signed a strategic cooperation memorandum in Changshu High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Jiangsu Province. The two sides will cooperate in various aspects such as materials, molding technology and market development of high-pressure hydrogen fuel storage tank systems.

Dr. Timo Huber, vice president of HRC's R&D sector, said: "Although the mass production models of major OEMs have marked the commercialization of fuel cell electric vehicles, the market share of fuel cells has not increased significantly. To make fuel Battery vehicles are still more competitive than traditional internal combustion engines, conventional batteries and hybrid electric vehicles. One of them is the manufacturing cost of high-pressure storage tanks used in fuel vehicles. The development of new tank concepts and Reducing manufacturing costs is not only a breakthrough in the market, but also the starting point for HRC and VoithComposite to reach this strategic partnership."

The Voith Group is a leading global provider of technology and industrial services, providing a wide range of products and technical services to customers in five key market segments, including energy, fuel and gas, paper, raw materials and transportation. With drive equipment, etc., the company is headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany. VoithComposite is a professional R&D and manufacturing center for carbon fiber reinforced materials under the Voith Group. It is dedicated to providing customized solutions for product components and industrial processes for the entire composite industry chain, applying state-of-the-art methods to development and production processes. Design lightweight composite parts.

“HRC is a very prominent company, especially in research and development and production capacity.” VoithComposite CEO Matthias Odrobina "Mr. Voith said: Voith has a strong strength in the application of composite materials, and high-pressure storage tanks have accumulated a wealth of experience in fuel cell applications. I believe this strategic cooperation intention. The determination will definitely bring us to future cooperation with broader prospects."