Tanzania Will Boost Power Generation And Power Supply

- Dec 19, 2017-

Tanzania mainstream media reported on December 6, the guardian, Tanzania is planned to greatly improve the ability of power generation and power supply, plan to increase the annual power generation capacity to 10000 mw in 2020, and the grid installed capacity of 1263.6 mw, and 615 mw gas power generation, hydropower 567.7 megawatts, gasoline and diesel generator 70.4 mw, biological energy generation 10.5 mw.Due to the average annual growth rate of 10% to 15%, the government has to deal with power supply problems.

Tanzania hopes to boost output in the short term and supply ability, need a lot of power in the field of investment, including the power stations and power transmission system of electric power facilities, such as investment, future tank and electric power infrastructure investment is expected to have a bigger space.