Black Technology: Sew The Battery Into The Clothes As An Energy Storage Device

- Sep 01, 2019-

There are more and more research and development of wearable devices, although the power generation clothing can’t not be used for commercialization temporarily, but the concept has been mature for a long time. Sewing the battery into the garment, and then it will be a good energy  storage device. Scientists from RMIT have invented a new technology method for producing “smart farbics”,in which can insert supercapacitor energy storage device. Its developers says that it can be easily intergrated with solar energy battery,or it can offer power for wearable technology.

Will Iron man give spider man suits that used this new technology.?

Scientists have demonstrated that this laser printing technology can embed graphene supercapacitors directly into textiles, creating a fabric that can store energy and integrate with solar cells for smart fabric applications.
The technology was published in the "Scientific Reports", "Large-scale waterproof and stretchable textil-integrated laser-print graphene energy storage" (Large-scale waterproof and stretchable textil-integrated laser-print graphene energy storage) The laser printing technology can make a 10x10cm fabric in just 3 minutes. The fabric is waterproof and stretchable up to 200%, and the energy density per 1-2cm reaches 6.73 MWh. The researchers also demonstrated proof of concept of integrating fabric with solar cells and achieving stability within 20 days.
Litty Thekkakara, the first author of the paper, said: "The fabrics made of graphene-based supercapacitors are not only completely washable, they can also store the energy needed to power smart garments, and can be mass produced in a matter of minutes." Addressing the challenges of e-textiles related to energy storage, we hope to power the next generation of wearable technology and smart clothing."
Smart fabrics have always been an area of interest to researchers, with potential applications, including monitoring vital signs of hospital patients or tracking the status of soldiers on the battlefield. Alternatively, such a fabric can be charged to another device by a bag or a piece of clothing.
Litty Thekkakara said: "The realization of these self-powered technologies requires the support of energy harvesters like solar cells." "But the intermittent nature of these energy harvesters requires that they must be combined with energy storage equipment, and these energy storage equipment must Cost-effective, durable, high-performance, mechanical strength, flexibility and ductility, and non-toxic, non-explosive. After all, wear on people, Imagine that Iron Man gave Spider-Man the ability to open intelligent voice services and The weapon of the weapon attack can not be used for sewing, but can't suddenly explode? If there is such a high-performance, power-generating clothes in the future, do you want it?