Technology Shengwei Power Supply Debuted In Europe With Diversified Solutions

- Nov 28, 2019-

As the world ’s leading and first-class European lithium battery brand for electric bicycles, the Lithium Summit-G20 member Xingheng Power took the lead in product solutions to the 28th International Bicycle Show (2019 EUROBIKE Show) held in Germany.

During the exhibition, Mr. Li Shenghua, the vice president of Xingheng Power, was invited by the European Bicycle Industry Association's rotating chairman Tony to participate in the breakfast seminar for bicycle industry leaders. Industry elites discussed the growth opportunities of the European electric bicycle market.

According to the European Bicycle Industry Association, the European electric bicycle market has continued to grow steadily in recent years. From 2015 to 2017, the average annual growth rate of European electric bicycles reached 22%. It is estimated that by 2030, 18.5 million electric bicycles will be sold in the European market.

Tony, the rotating chairman of the European Bicycle Industry Association, expressed the hope that Xingheng will continue to play a benchmark role in the lithium battery industry and contribute to the development of the European electric bicycle industry.

At this exhibition, Xingheng Power Group made a collective appearance with PSP system service platform, diversified products and reliable system solutions.

PSP system service platform is a system service platform dedicated to serving electric light vehicles. It is an advanced electric bicycle system that integrates system detection, diagnosis, new car debugging, firmware upgrade, after-sales service and remote positioning into the market and integrates cloud services. tool.

Can achieve rapid diagnosis, reporting and sales support of the vehicle system; remote rapid upgrade of the system; system debugging and data management; management of the vehicle system's operating status and action track.

The diversified products include BN21 buried models and RC19 rear hanger battery products that comply with EN15194: 2017 new European standard. Both products are independently designed by Xingheng, and the waterproof rating reaches IPX7.

In addition to the traditional E-bike models, Cargo E-bike, electric motorcycles and shared rental motorcycles have gradually become new trends in the European market. Xingheng showed a full range of star products with high power and large capacity to meet new trends.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Xingheng's unique low-temperature charging technology has very practical application advantages over ordinary batteries in extremely cold regions such as Northern Europe.

Reliable system solution, Xingheng's new generation power battery intelligent protection board uses a variety of mainstream communication methods. At the exhibition, Xingheng showed the smooth compatibility of the battery with various systems such as Brose, Ananda, Shengyi, and Oli. Meet customer needs for electrification and intelligence.

After more than 10 years of steady cultivation in the European market, Xingheng has established a stable cooperative relationship with local customers and is a trusted partner of customers. Xingheng has sold more than 10 million lithium batteries in the global light vehicle market.

Xingheng Power said that with the successive establishment of Xingheng in Europe and Xingheng in India, Xingheng's overseas business has developed to a new height, and plans to set up factories in India, Southeast Asia and Europe one after another to meet the demand for power batteries in different regions Demand to accelerate Xingheng's global layout.