Tesla Is Expected To Make A Breakthrough. Carrying A Million-mile Battery

- Nov 04, 2019-

On September 27, according to foreign media reports, Jeff Dahn published a groundbreaking paper in the Journal of Electrochemical Society (JES) that Tesla may soon have their own Robotic taxis and long-distance electric trucks have viable batteries.

Dain and his team are Tesla's battery research partners, and Dan said that this type of battery should be able to provide more than one million miles of power for an electric car.

In the paper, Darn and his research team provided full details of the new technology, creating a benchmark for further research. They used a cathode material from a nickel-rich NCM cathode material series that has a specific capacity 20% higher than the cathode used in lithium-ion batteries now powered by mobile electronics.

The paper pointed out that the selected cathode material NCM 523 (50% nickel, 20% cobalt, 30% manganese) is stable and is a good reference and starting point for further development. Other key components explored include graphite anodes, solvents, additives, and mixtures of electrolyte solution salts.

Doron Aurbach, JES battery and energy storage technology editor, said: The battery described in the paper can be used immediately in electric vehicles. However, since the purpose of this study is to provide a reliable reference and reference for lithium-ion battery technology, the specific energy density of the described battery is not the highest compared to the specific energy density achievable with advanced lithium-ion batteries. Based on this research, lithium-ion batteries will soon be developed, making it possible to charge to charge over 500 kilometers (more than 300 miles).