Tesla Plans To Build Another Battery Plant In Australia.

- Jan 09, 2018-

According to foreign media, tesla's Powerpack system project in south Australia has received extensive media attention.Elon musk has promised to build a lithium ion power plant in south Australia for 100 days or free for use.Mr Musk has turned that promise into reality, and the plant has become the world's most powerful battery system.


Last month, when Australia of a thermal power plant is confronted with power shortages, tesla battery system response is rapid, in milliseconds for its send to electricity, its powerful electric capacity left a very deep impression to the public.The successful operation of the tesla Powerpack system has inspired the neighbouring state of Victoria, which has also chosen tesla to deploy a large battery system.

Tesla's first battery system in Australia was built with Neoen, a French renewable energy research company.The two companies are reportedly working together to deploy another battery system in Victoria.