Tesla's Ambitions: Building A Universal Battery Platform

- Jan 02, 2020-

Tesla's market positioning is high-end self-use electric vehicles. It accurately analyzes the requirements of self-use electric vehicles compared with operating electric vehicles with low average daily mileage, high endurance and battery durability requirements, and has formulated a high-capacity lithium cobaltate 18650 battery pack + shallow charge shallow discharge strategy suitable for the current stage. , Greatly extend battery life while achieving high battery life.

And supporting equipment + liquid cooling system support effectively ensure the smooth implementation of this strategy. We analyzed its technical details and discussed in detail how Tesla used its precise market segmentation to solve the battery life problem.

Although Tesla temporarily adopted the lithium cobaltate battery route, it does not mean that it will always adhere to this route. We reproduced the process of screening the best battery technology on the BMS system platform. We believe that Tesla's positioning is by no means just small batteries + lithium cobaltate. Its ambition is to use technology to build a universal battery platform, thereby building a competition pool for battery (including cathode materials) manufacturers to shield upstream raw material supply and demand. Risk of price fluctuations. The cornerstone of the horizontal deepening of the industrial chain is its outstanding BMS system technical strength.

The six supporting monitoring systems effectively ensure the implementation of its platform strategy. We propose that the vertical integration strategy of the high-end electric vehicle industry chain at this stage is not advisable, and we must follow the road of horizontal expansion of the industry chain. The purpose is to build an upstream risk buffer layer, overriding the technical route, so as to enjoy the technical dividend of battery technology innovation and open the channel for battery cost reduction.