At The Opening Of Shanghai Lingang New Area, Tesla Super Factory Obtained The First Comprehensive Acceptance Certificate

- Sep 02, 2019-

On August 20th, the new area of Lingang, China's Shanghai Free Trade Zone, ushered in a historical moment of official unveiling.

From then on, the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, the center of China's coastline, and the estuary of the Yangtze River, will create a new highland for development and opening up, a special economic function zone with strong international market influence and competitiveness, a global, future-oriented, high-end A modern new city with resource element configuration capabilities.

The "Overall Plan" of the new district clearly clarifies that the port will implement an open policy and system with strong international market competitiveness, and increase the risk and stress test of the open economy, which has become an important carrier for China's deep integration into economic globalization.

On the occasion of the unveiling of the Shanghai Lingang New Area, the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory also obtained the first comprehensive acceptance certificate.

From the afternoon of August 16th, the platform declaration was completed, and on August 19th, the completion acceptance was completed. The Tesla Shanghai Super Factory obtained the comprehensive acceptance certificate and only used 3 natural days. This is only 10 months from the signing of the land transfer contract, which fully reflects the "Shanghai service and port speed" and has set a new record for comprehensive acceptance inspection in the Lingang area.

Behind the record-creating, the “shopper two” of the Lingang Construction Management Service Center took the initiative to come to the door, concentrate on service, and be brave in innovation. The time was moved to March 20, and soon after the Tesla Super Factory project had just obtained the main building construction permit, the staff of the Management Committee’s Construction and Management Service Center responsible for the comprehensive inspection and acceptance took the initiative to enter Tesla Super. At the factory project site, we will provide guidance to the construction unit to explain the relevant policies for comprehensive acceptance of the port area.

In order to achieve the goal of “construction is good”, on July 11th, the power plant project is about to enter the end of the project, and the construction service center has set up a promotion team to assist and guide the construction unit to build, detect and prepare for completion. data.

The comprehensive acceptance of the project completion involves many lines, more inspections required, and more drawings submitted. According to the characteristics of the “three more”, the “shop two” of Lingang are divided into several groups according to the line, respectively, with the Tesla Super Factory. The engineers in the project department paired up and set up a hotline contact. It is this kind of active service and mutual cooperation that makes the comprehensive acceptance of the staff clear about the project situation, and the construction unit also understands the comprehensive acceptance policy and process.

Only good service, no reform and innovation, can not achieve the goal of the Tesla super factory "build it well." From the very beginning, under the guidance of the Environmental Protection Office of the Management Committee, the Construction Management Service Center used the project as a pilot for the comprehensive inspection and innovation of the new area of Lingang, ensuring that all the physical quantities of the project were completed and all tests were passed. Under the premise that mandatory regulations must be observed, some data tolerance acceptance and special acceptance are subject to conditions, such as some electronic completion drawings in urban construction files.

In addition, the port area also implements the comprehensive acceptance of engineering projects. This system is highly integrated and highly centralized, “one-stop” acceptance, which solves the problem that the previous special acceptance data is unreasonable, the information is not smooth, and the results are not enjoyed. The land has improved the efficiency of acceptance, allowing enterprises to truly feel the dividends released by the comprehensive inspection and acceptance of the port.