Thai Industrial Tin Roof 4.8MW Power Plant Full Start

- Dec 14, 2017-

China's energy storage network: data show that in 2016, the total number of new pv installations in the world was 70GW, up about 30% from 2015.However, after entering 2017, the number of new ground power stations in China is declining, and China's pv export market is full of uncertainties.As a result, more and more photovoltaic companies are looking to southeast Asian countries such as Thailand.

Recently, the industrial tin roof of Thailand has been fully started with a 4.8MW power plant, and chenke solar energy is the world's leading manufacturer of solar support for the construction and installation of this solar power station project.Morning solar photovoltaic stents a distinct advantage, the program used in aluminum alloy guide bracket series, with the morning UL L foot accessories, installation is simple, construction is convenient, save time and installation costs.The main material of pv support is aluminum alloy, which can reduce the load of roof.

In addition, the solar bracket can select different installation parts and systems according to the specific installation environment.All materials are made of al6005-t5 aluminum alloy or SUS304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion anti-rust.Special designs can also be provided to give full consideration to local natural conditions to provide strong and reliable solutions.

Thailand have higher radiation of sunlight throughout the year, demand for photovoltaic (pv) showing a rising trend year by year, morning family of their own advantages of solar energy utilization and Thailand photovoltaic industry form cooperation, actively seeking new markets, is the right thing to do.

In recent years, chenke solar energy has gradually been laid out in overseas markets, and the pv support products are globally common, and Thailand's industrial tin roof 4.8MW power station project is an important step in the global development of chenke solar energy.In the future, the solar energy will be further and further away from the superior quality and mature attitude.