Thailand Plans To Postpone A Free Rooftop Solar Energy Market

- Dec 15, 2017-

Thailand, the daily reported on December 12, Thai department of energy (doe) postponed launch by the end of the roof of the solar market freedom, according to the plan again some details still need to consider, for example, 300 megawatts of electricity purchasing amount whether it is necessary that much.

The ministry of energy said a rooftop solar procurement plan that had been scheduled to open free markets by the end of this year could be delayed indefinitely.The minister believes there is still room for change in the implementation details.In short, the planned launch plan must be delayed.In addition, no new specific startup time is given.

The 300-megawatt free electricity purchase amount should be rediscussed, such as how high the need is and whether it meets the practical requirements, says Mr. Shily.Even if the market is open, there should be no quota restrictions. The market can decide how much to buy, even pricing.

In short, any government energy program must be able to answer social questions.