The 300,000-ton Ultra-thin And Power-cell Aluminum Foil Project In zongyang County, Anhui Province Was Put Into Production

- Jun 14, 2018-

On June 11, some production lines of the production workshop were put into production at the site of the 300,000-ton ultra-thin and power-cell aluminum foil project of jinyu metal materials co., LTD., zongyang county.


It is understood that this project is located in the xinlou industrial park of zongyang county, and the construction of a 100 thousand square meters standardized production plant equipped with 50 tons of skycars will be completed with 8 new production lines.At present, the installation and commissioning of the equipment has been completed, and some of the equipment has been put into operation. The company is speeding up construction to ensure early and comprehensive production.The completion of the project will change the monotonous situation of the company's products and greatly enhance the competitiveness of the company.