The 300MW Solar Project At France's Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant Has Been Tendered

- Jul 24, 2018-

France's general administration of energy and climate (CSFD) has released a document announcing details of a bid for a 300MW solar project at the Fessenheim plant.

According to the document, 200MW will build 500KW to 30MW of ground solar power plants, while another 100MW will build no more than 8MW of rooftop pv projects.


The bidding will be conducted at three time points at the end of 2018, the middle of 2019 and the end of 2019 respectively.The rooftop pv system installed on buildings, greenhouses, car sheds or agricultural buildings is 500KW~8MW.And the same type of roof pv system, the scale is 100KW to 500KW.

In the first stage, the ground pv project will be allocated 40MW, while the roof pv project will be allocated 15MW and 5MW respectively.In the second and third phases, the ground pv project is expected to allocate 80MW, and the two rooftop pv projects will be 30MW and 10MW respectively.

For a ground-based photovoltaic project up to 30MW, the price is expected to range from 50 euros per megawatt hour to 70 euros per megawatt hour, while for a rooftop pv project between 500 and 8MW, the price is likely to range from 70 euros per megawatt hour to 100 euros per megawatt hour.Smaller rooftop pv projects are expected to cost between 80 euros per megawatt hour and 110 euros per megawatt hour.

All projects financed through crowdfunding will receive an additional 3 euros per megawatt hour award.CSFD announced plans to build a solar power plant at the Fessenheim plant, which is scheduled to be decommissioned in mid-april 2020.