The 7MW Offshore Fan Core Component Project Was Officially Launched

- Jun 08, 2018-

On May 22, the offshore wind power D7 stator project jointly developed by Siemens wind power (ge sa), Shanghai electric power and Shanghai electric power co., ltd. was officially launched.

The D7 stator block is the core component of 7MW offshore wind turbine which is responsible for electromagnetic energy conversion.The technology is complex, the structure is novel, the reliability request is high, the manufacture difficulty is big.The start of the D7 stator block project marks the company's formal participation in the global supplier list of Siemens wind power, which plays an important role in accelerating the development of incremental business.

For D7 stator project, electricity will build a strong project team, further clear responsibility division of labor and the project schedule, establish smooth business communication mechanism, to ensure that the D7 stator piece of the successful completion of the project.

On the same day, the three parties signed a memorandum of understanding on the specific cooperation of the whole stator block business.